Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Give Me Another Day

i watch the clock turning to dark
like my mind thinking of you
i walk for miles and miles
just to watch you

i know, i'm nothing to you
and maybe tomorrow is the last day
i could see you

but i wont give up
i'll do everything just to see your smile
even that smile isn't for me
please give me another day to see you
another day to love you
another day to break my heart

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Love You More

maybe i shouldnt in love with u
maybe i should go far away
but i cant
cause you bring me all the happiness
maybe we should be just a friend
or maybe we must be a foe
but i cant
cause everyday i love you more

cause you are so amazing
i never met a woman like you
your angel from heaven
that God send for me
but, God why she doesnt love me

Saturday, July 13, 2013

I Fall In Love To My Friend

i never feel like this before
fall in love with a friend
but its happen
i never believe before
fall in love with you
but its true

i never feel like this before
fall not from her face
but from her heart
i never believe before
fall from her inner
but now i realize it's real

maybe its too late
maybe we cant be together
cause we are just a friend

but i will take the risk
you are my angel
you are my guidance
you are my everything
that i will sacrifice myself
for you....